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Court Support and Advocacy in Caldwell, Nampa, Meridian, ID

Finding your way through the legal side of abusive relationships can feel overwhelming, but having the courage and the means to seek legal support can be an important reinforcement to your life outside of violence. Advocates Against Family Violence (AAFV) is here to support you in that process.
Our advocates specialize in hearing your side without judgment. They advocate for all victims (women, children, and men), and they listen with compassion backed by experience in Idaho courts. Since 2018, our court advocacy team has attended more than 2,735 hearings in support of our clients.
AAFV can support you as you seek legal aid. We can help clients:
  • Seek an emergency temporary protection order (ETPO)
  • Seek a temporary protection order (TPO)
  • Learn how to accurately support and document abuse allegations for a legal setting
  • Deal with the stress of facing formal court proceedings
  • Enact safety plans through each phase of the legal process (See our Safety Planning page for details.)

You don’t have to face court hearings alone. Domestic abuse has added enough stress to your life and resolving those concerns can bring new peace into your life. Contact AAFV to see how we can support you in and out of court, and help you find that new peace.
Help is available now in Canyon County, Ada County, and throughout Idaho.
Let us show you how to find it. Call for help: (208) 459- 4779
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Help for individuals and families affected by domestic abuse is available now.
We are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week to connect you with the care you need, safely and quickly.
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Located in Caldwell, Idaho
Serving Canyon County, Ada County, and Surrounding Areas

24-Hour Hotline

(208) 459- 4779

Administrative Office

(208) 459- 6330

Hope’s Door Shelter

(208) 459- 6279